Dyslexia refers to a specific learning difficulty, often found in individuals with normal intellectual abilities and relates to their ability to accurately recognize and decode letters, words or other symbols which impacts spelling and reading abilities.

During a Dyslexia assessment, insights are gained into the possible presence of several types of Dyslexia which might be impacting academic performance and achievement. By making use of the Stark-Griffin Dyslexia Determination Test (DDT) the type of Dyslexia and combination types of Dyslexia can be diagnosed. This is the first standardized test for South-African English and Afrikaans standards.

There are 3 cognitive subtypes of Dyslexia:

  • Auditory (Disphonesia) – relates to phonetic decoding skills
  • Visual (Diseidesia) – relates to the visualization of words and therefore sight word vocabulary
  • Motor (Disnemkinesia) – relates to letter formation

Combination dyslexia types can occur when the individual presents with more than one type of dyslexia.